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Thai Buddha statues and their history

Each of our Thai Buddha statues has its own history. Antique Thai Buddha statues have gone thru time; they carry a history within themselves. 
Many of our Thai Buddhas come from monasteries and temples.

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Every year, we travel a few months in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries as well to find nice, original and antique Thai Buddha statues.
Nearly 95% of the population of Thailand is Buddhist; we have many friends and connections all over Thailand and know many other collectors as well. 
We have created much knowledge about Buddhist art and have great respect for Buddhist culture in Thailand.

Antique Thai Buddha statue          Thai Buddha statues in Ayutthaya, Thailand

Next to the sales of original and antique Thai Buddha statues we also provide information about Buddhist art, meaning of Thai Buddha statues and Buddhist culture. When you are looking for an original or antique Thai Buddha statue, or if you want to buy other Asian antiques, please visit our website.

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