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Thai Buddha Statues And Their History

Buddha statues from Thailand, or Thai Buddhas as they are popularly called, are famous all around the globe for their peaceful and serene facial structure. For example, the standing Buddha, walking Buddha and Reclining Buddha statues from Thailand are very popular images of Buddha from Thailand. Though they may have been originally created as an object of worship for Thai people, Thai Buddhas are generally taken as great subjects of spreading Buddha's teachings. The Thai Buddhas are not only designed to represent the Buddha's physical traits, but his message and teachings too. Likewise the physical appearance, composition, poses and positions of the Thai Buddhas vary from that of the Buddha statues from other regions.

Thai Buddha statues hold not only of great religious and spiritual importance to the followers of Buddhism, but they also act as decorative items for your homes and offices. They are powerful and uplifting symbols which gives us the feeling of calm and focus, inspiring us to have a better view of life. They help create the tranquil environment around you and your loved ones.

Each of the Thai Buddhas in our gallery has its own history and story hidden behind it. These Antique Thai Buddha statues have gone through time; and they carry a history within themselves.

We have the largest collection of rare and antique Thai Buddhas all over the world. Sought after by many personal collectors and spiritual personalities, our rare and antique Thai Buddha statues are imported by us after an intense research and visits to Thailand. Many of the Thai Buddhas in our gallery come straight from various Buddhist temples, monasteries and personal collectors who want to part with their Buddhist art.

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Every six months, we travel to Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries to research and find beautiful, rare, authentic and antique Thai Buddha statues. Through our frequent visits, we have developed a friendly relation with many collectors and dealers of Thai Buddhist arts. As almost 95% of the population in Thailand is followers of Buddhism, it has also been a very good experience for us to interact with them regarding Buddhist art and Buddhism in Thailand. Our good relationship with the dealers has made it possible for us to find many antique and rare Thai Buddhas from various collectors, monasteries, and Buddhist temples who want to part with their Buddhist art. This is also a reason for us to assure you that the statues we deal with are genuinely legal and authentic. We have no policy of dealing with stolen statues.

Along with the sales of original and antique Thai Buddhas we also provide information about Thai Buddhist art, history of Thai Buddha statues and Thai Buddhist culture. The information we provide on history of Thai Buddhist art are:

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Next to the sales of original and antique Thai Buddha statues we also provide information about Buddhist art, meaning of Thai Buddha statues and Buddhist culture. When you are looking for an original or antique Thai Buddha statue, or if you want to buy other Asian antiques, please visit our website.

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