Holidays in Thailand

thailand holidays

Thailand is the best holiday destination in South East Asia huddled between Laos, Myanmar, Malaysia and Cambodia. The place is too much beautiful without any objection from the visitors visited till date. The exquisite beaches are absolutely fantastic. It is one of mostly desired holiday location by the travelers from all over the world. Because it has the combination of unique culture, hundreds of mind blowing beaches, mountains, greenery and hustling cities. What you need to do it just pack your bags and you could be in one of the amazing countries you have ever visited. Whether you are visiting architecturally adored cities or looking for the lazy beach to visit both are truly magnificent. Apart from these observing the diverse traditions, religious belief i.e. 95% of people following Buddhism is incredible. Thailand is a tourism destination like, what have you been looking for so long years. With its variety of location, it is a complete package for all the travelers who desire to enjoy the every part of nature as well as artificial aspects. Thailand could be a perfect romantic for couples, friends looking for get together and families who wants to spend their quality time doing some fun activities. In addition to cities buzz and natural scenery, there are impressive Buddha stupas, temples and monasteries which are ideal places for monks and Buddhists seeking for serene and peaceful environment to visit.

Buddhism Highlights in Thailand

There are total of 40,717 Buddhists temples in Thailand according to the office of National Buddhism. Buddhism is highly respected and being followed by a large mass of people. Meanwhile, the practice of Buddhism in Thailand is taught in Theravada School where children inherit and learn about the religious aspects. Buddhist temples in Thailand are tall golden stupas which are similar to that in South East Asian countries, especially like of Cambodia and Laos which shares its cultural and historical heritage. Many of Thai Chinese migrated from China are found to be practicing Chinese traditional religions and also offering prayers to local gods. Despite the mixed tribes of people and each of them having a varying way of following the same religion are commonly referred as the followers of Theravada Buddhists. Chinese temples are called as Sanchao in Thai language. Further, visitors following other religions also have the chance of growing their religious beliefs which is filled by the people trailing the path of Hinduism, Muslim, Sikhism, Christianity and Judaism. Thailand is an independent country allowing every citizen the freedom for practicing the religion of their own choice. So, the query remains is, you might not have time to manage a vacation to Thailand. But our store here in Netherland holds the variety of Buddha statues collected from the local vendors and temples which are beautiful enough to attain the feeling of directly bought from Thailand.

Thai Buddha in our Gallery

Buddha statues in our online gallery are very authentic and carry the historical significance of Buddha. Thailand is truly a spectacular place for visiting, knowing about the traditional, natural and religious aspect of a foreign nation. Apart from this, if you want to buy some beautiful statues from our online gallery, choice is yours. All of the statues are brought from Thailand and very beautiful to gift your loved ones.

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