Thailand Buddha Heads

thai buddha heads

Thailand Buddha heads are basically made from the three materials; stone, wood, clay or metal. Buddha images engraved in these materials are completely based on Thai religious beliefs on Buddhism. Since, they have been practicing Buddhism for a very long time so the depiction is based according to Thai culture and tradition. Though Thai people have been following some of the common techniques for crafting Buddha heads but still the composition and appearance vary from country to country. This is actually the real taste in religion which gives diversity and different flavor in Buddha head meaning and excites people to travel and learn about the culture.

There is no any actual evidence when and where the depiction of crafting antique Buddha commence. However, the principles of Lord Gautama are so real and honored that people beliefs towards him lead them to represent Buddha in the solid form. This succession of crafting forms a historical background which is successfully adhered from generations. Thai Buddha heads are popular all over the world not only of its uniqueness but due to the devotion of artisans involved during the creation of Buddha sculpture.

Buddha Head in Tree Roots

Travelers to Thailand are often amazed to see the one particular Buddha head image in all kinds of guide-books and postcards. This image is actually fascinating because the Buddha head is entangled into the roots of a tree. The location of this site is Wat Mahathat in Ayutthaya. This ancient statue was made during the 14th century but was reduced to ruin in 1767 by the Burmese invasion in Siam. There is not any historical support, from where this Buddha head gets entwined in the tree roots. Meanwhile, there is a theory explained that the tree grew around the head of Buddha and roots were tangled up when the temple was left abandoned. Another interesting fact is, a thief stole the large Buddha head from the main temple in Ayutthaya to hide it. Since the thief could not move Buddha statues beyond the surrounding walls and get stuck. In order to elapse he then hide the Buddha head in a tree roots which later gets entangled around the huge Buddha sculpture.

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